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Maps have one or more layers. Map layers are implemented by the <layer-> custom element.
All <mapml-viewer> content is contained by one or more <layer-> elements, either inline or by remote fetch representing the layer's content.

<layer- label="My Layer" checked>
...layer content goes here...

<layer-> is not a 'void' element - it must be closed with a </layer-> tag.

Map content can either be inline, as shown above - between the beginning <layer-> and ending </layer-> tags - or fetched, from the <layer- src="..."></layer-> source attribute URL:

<layer- label="My Layer" src="" checked></layer->

This documentation uses the convention of inline content mostly. Fetched map content follows similar semantics, except it is parsed with the browser's XML parser and so must follow both MapML document conventions as well as XML syntax rules.



Contains the path to a MapML document.


The <layer- checked> attribute and property is boolean. When present, the checked property value is taken to be 'true'; when not present, the property value is 'false'. Beware that it is the presence of the attribute that makes it true, not the value of the attribute. For example, the attribute checked="false" actually turns out to be checked, as described by MDN Web docs.


The <layer- hidden> attribute and property is boolean. When present, the layer is hidden in the layer control.


The label attribute is used by inline content as the displayed text label of the layer in the layer control. In fetched content, the label attribute is ignored, and the fetched <map-title> element is used.


The opacity attribute is used to set the initial opacity of the <layer-> element. Valid opacity values range from from "0.0" to "1.0" and are reflected in the layer control opacity input slider control. When the opacity attribute is not present, the opacity is set to "1.0" by default.


Layer Opacity

The following example sets the initial opacity for a <layer->.

<mapml-viewer projection="CBMTILE" zoom="2" lat="45" lon="-90" controls>
<layer- opacity = "0.5" label="CBMT" src="" checked></layer->


MapML layer element


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Display an image file as a map layer (5.1.3)
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Maintain reasonable scale of labels and lines when zooming (5.4.5)