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The web-map custom element suite provides a Web map viewer 'widget' which is modelled somewhat after the HTML5 <video> tag: a fairly simple way to get started publishing Web content of the mapping variety. If you're familiar with that HTML <video> developer and user experience you may find developing with and using the web-map custom element suite familiar.

For example, markup such as this:

<mapml-viewer projection="CBMTILE" zoom="3" lat="62.7" lon="-90.3" controls>
<layer- label="CBMT" src="" checked></layer->
<layer- label="Restaurants" src="demo/restaurants.mapml" checked></layer->
<layer- label="Canada's Provinces and Territories" src="demo/canada.mapml" checked></layer->

can be used to create a map like this:

The web-map in action