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The <map-select> element is an extension of HTML <select> and is used as a child of the <map-extent> element. The <map-select> element declares a variable with predefined <map-option>'s which are selected through the layer control and used by the polyfill.

The <map-select> element contains one or more <map-option> elements.


Change the <map-select> option through the layer control (top-right of the map) to view data for different timestamps.



Sets the name of the variable created by the input. The variable can then be referenced by the URL template <map-link> tref attribute, using the {name} variable reference notation.


Sets the id of the <map-select> element, identifies the select within the current document.

Child Elements


This element contains the options for the <map-select> element. A <map-select> element can contain one or more <map-option> elements.


Change map source

<mapml-viewer projection="OSMTILE" zoom="2" lat="65" lon="-90" controls="">
<layer- label="Basemap" checked>
<map-extent units="OSMTILE" checked>
<map-input name="z" type="zoom" value="18" min="0" max="18"></map-input>
<map-input name="x" type="location" units="tilematrix" axis="column" min="0" max="262144" ></map-input>
<map-input name="y" type="location" units="tilematrix" axis="row" min="0" max="262144" ></map-input>
<map-link rel="license" href="" title="OpenStreetMap"></map-link>
<map-link rel="license" href="" title="Breton OpenStreetMap Team"></map-link>

<map-select id="urlOptions" name="source">
<map-option value="">OpenStreetMap_BZH</map-option>
<map-option value="">OpenStreetMap_Mapnik</map-option>

<map-link rel="tile" tref="https://{source}/{z}/{x}/{y}.png" ></map-link>


MapML style element
HTML style element


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Content author use cases (3.1)
Provide alternative map layers which the user can select (3.1.9)