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<mapml-viewer> documentation

Embed map viewers into your web pages, using HTML only.

Minimum Code

MapMLprioritizes minimum code needed to create elaborate maps. No Javascript required, everything can be done using HTML + custom elements.

Accessible Maps

This suite of elements enables fast and easy use of functions in an accessible manner. Keyboard interaction and screen reader compatibility is constantly being improved.

Future Standard

With the goal of one day being part of browsers natively, MapML provides the ability for all maps created using this suite of custom elements to be easily adapted to the standard HTML syntax.


A thorough breakdown of the capabilities compared to other web map solutions can be found in the MapML UCR Fulfillment Matrix.

Getting Involved

The custom element suite is an open source project. Anyone who wants to submit changes/fixes is welcomed to doing so through Pull Requests to our Github Repository.

You can also contribute by reporting any bugs or issues while using the element suite in the form of one or more issues on the same repository.