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A <map-properties> element is a child of <map-feature> and is used to define the content of the popup associated to a given feature.

A <map-properties> element can contain any HTML Element to describe the feature's content.


Properties Table

The following example displays the popup as an HTML table.

<mapml-viewer projection="OSMTILE" zoom="12" lat="45.42" lon="-75.70">
<layer- label="OpenStreetMap" src="../data/osm.mapml" checked></layer->
<layer- label="Ottawa" checked>
<map-meta name="projection" content="OSMTILE"></map-meta>
<map-meta name="cs" content="gcrs"></map-meta>
<map-point class="ottawa">
<map-coordinates>-75.697193 45.421530</map-coordinates>
<th role="columnheader" scope="col">Property name</th>
<th role="columnheader" scope="col">Property value</th>
<th scope="row">Name</th>
<td itemprop="amenity">Ottawa</td>
<th scope="row">Type</th>
<td itemprop="name">City</td>
<th scope="row">Website</th>
<td itemprop="website"><a href="" target="_blank">Ottawa</a></td>


MapML properties element