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Download <mapml-viewer> Suite#

masterLatest version developed on master branch, needs to be built, using the steps to clone the repository
v0.8.0Latest zip release

Using a Downloaded Version#

Extract the zip file#

Extract the zip file downloaded from the links above, in there you will find many files, the following are needed for full functionality:

  • layer.js
  • leaflet-src.js
  • leaflet.css
  • leaflet.fullscreen.css
  • Leaflet.fullscreen.js
  • map-area.js
  • mapml-viewer.js
  • mapml.css
  • mapml.min.js
  • proj4-src.js
  • proj4leaflet.js

Add the Script to a Web page#

Copy/move these files to your webpage's directory and add the following to the <head> of your HTML code:

<script type="module" src="path/to/mapml-viewer.js"></script>

You can now use <mapml-viewer>, <layer-> and the other elements that come in the <mapml-viewer> element suite on your webpages.

Clone <mapml-viewer> Repository#

An alternative to downloading the .zip file is to clone the github repository. This option allows you to make any modifications and view the source code more easily.


Run the following commands in bash:

git clone
cd Web-Map-Custom-Element #enters root of repository
npm install #installs dependencies
npm install -g grunt-cli #installs grunt command line tool
grunt clean copy rollup #builds mapml

After the build is complete a dist folder will be created with the contents. See Add the Script to a Web page on how to use the contents.