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Install the <mapml-viewer> suite of custom elements


To install the <mapml-viewer> in your web site project, you use the Node Package Manager (npm), so to get that you must install node.js. npm should be installed by the linked installers. You can now obtain the latest version of the <mapml-viewer> suite of custom elements, by installing it in the node_modules directory of your web site directory, using the following commands:

$ cd ../test

$ npm install @maps4html/web-map-custom-element

+ @maps4html/web-map-custom-element@0.8.3
added 1 package from 2 contributors and audited 1 package in 1.605s
found 0 vulnerabilities


Once installation is complete, you will have a node_modules/@maps4html/web-map-custom-element subdirectory, containing a dist folder with the required JavaScript, CSS and HTML files to support the <mapml-viewer>.

Add the Script to a Web page

Add the following to the <head> of your HTML code:

<script type="module" src="./node_modules/@maps4html/web-map-custom-element/dist/mapml-viewer.js"></script>

You can now use <mapml-viewer>, <layer-> and the other elements described here on your web pages.