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MapLayer : Public Class
Created: 2023-01-25 3:29:21 PM
Modified: 2023-01-25 3:29:21 PM
MapLayer class notes<br/><br/>"MapLayer" is the name of the ES 6 class that implements the Custom Elements API for the "#lt;layer-#gt;" autonomous custom element.<br/><br/>The ES module exported name "MapLayer" reflects what I think should have been the (custom) element name ("#lt;map-layer#gt;"), but we had already created the custom element name "#lt;layer-#gt;" that the module implements, so we decided not to change that.  If that decision is revisited, it will involve a lot of change to existing systems, so possibly not worth the effort TBD.<br/><br/>The MapLayer class has a pseudo-private property named "_layer".  The underscore signifies that the author of the class thought this property as private.  I believe actual ES private properties were released later, and use the "#" hashtag symbol to signify private fields.  In an actual refactoring, this new facility should be used and the underscore convention removed.<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>
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