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TCRS : Public abstract Class
Created: 2023-02-06 2:26:08 PM
Modified: 2023-02-06 4:47:26 PM
A TCRS is a class that combines a traditional GIS CRS, such as EPSG:4326, with a set of defined-scale / defined resolution-per-pixel "zoom" levels, numbered by integers starting at 0 for the smallest scale and ranging up by increments of 1 to some defined maximum number.<br/><br/>A TCRS also has a defined origin property for the zoom / grid levels, as well as a defined bounds property for the "area of use".<br/><br/>Each TCRS has a set of nested/child coordinate (reference) systems, each of which having axes whose name, orientation and limits (min, max) are defined properties of the coordinate system.  These coordinate systems are known as:<br/><br/><ul>
<br/>In addition to the TCRS.origin, TCRS.bounds and TCRS.resolutions[] properties, each coordinate system above is the case-sensitive name of a complex (object valued) property in the interface property.<br/><br/>For example is the name of a property whose value is an object like this:<br/>{ <br/>  horizontal: {name: "...", min: "...", max: "..."}, <br/>  vertical: {name: "...", min: "...", max: "..."}, <br/>  bounds: #lt;L.Bounds#gt;<br/>}<br/><br/>
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«projection» M.WGS84 Class Generalization From  
«projection» M.OSMTILE Class Generalization From  
«projection» M.CBMTILE Class Generalization From  
«projection» M.APSTILE Class Generalization From