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Created: 2023-01-26 3:22:32 PM
Modified: 2023-02-06 12:38:46 PM
proj4leaflet.js 1.0.2 has a couple of issues that prevent it from working well with proj4, and also on node.js.<br/><br/>In the first case, proj4 changed its api and instead of returning 0 in some cases where a latitude or longitude could not be defined when unprojecting a position, it will now return a NaN for lat or long, which causes problems for proj4leaflet and leaflet.  <br/><br/>Details of the issue are here:<br/><br/>The second case, proj4leaflet is using an outdated test to determine if it is running on node, and so it slips through to thinking it's running on the browser, yet the window object is undefined, so it fails with a message about Leaflet and proj4 needing to be defined first, which is not reflective of the problem.<br/><br/>patch.diff contains these two fixes, and is applied to the proj4leaflet.js file as it is copied from node_modules.<br/>
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patch.diff contains two fixes (described in "General"), and the diff is applied to the proj4leaflet.js file as it is copied from node_modules in the Grunt task.

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