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Static Tiles Layer

In this section, we will learn about creating a static tile layer. A static tile is a single image that occupies an entry on the map grid. You can specify the column, row and zoom to present an image at that location on the map.

Adding a single tile#

Add an image file to your project directory. Now you can access this image in MapML.

<layer- label="My Static Tile Layer" checked>
<tile zoom="0" row="1" col="1" src="my-tile.png"></tile>

Associated Elements#



  • col
    • The col attribute allows you to set the column value of the static tile.
  • row
    • The row attribute allows you to set the row value of the static tile.
  • src
    • The src attribute lets you set the path to the image source of the static tile.
  • zoom
    • This allows you to set the zoom level the tile is rendered at. The zoom value should fall within the range of 0 to the maximum zoom level of a projection.

Additional Context#

You can also provide a set of elements to further define the static tile layer. This is the list of available additions with examples.

<link rel="license">#

Sets the attribution link of the layer. Example:

<link rel="license" href="" title="Canada Base Map © Natural Resources Canada">

<meta name="zoom">#

Sets the native minimum and maximum native zoom.

<meta name="zoom" content="min=1,max=4">

<meta name="projection">#

Sets the projection of the layer.

<meta name="projection" content="CBMTILE">

Full Examples#

<mapml-viewer projection="CBMTILE" zoom="2" lat="59" lon="-53" width="900" height="400" controls>
<layer- label="Static MapML with tiles" checked>
<meta name="zoom" content="min=1,max=4">
<meta name="projection" content="CBMTILE">
<link rel="license"
title="Canada Base Map © Natural Resources Canada">
<tile zoom="3" row="18" col="17" src="data/cbmt/3/c17_r18.png"></tile>
<tile zoom="2" row="10" col="11" src="data/cbmt/2/c11_r10.png"></tile>
<tile zoom="2" row="10" col="9" src="data/cbmt/2/c9_r10.png"></tile>
<tile zoom="2" row="11" col="9" src="data/cbmt/2/c9_r11.png"></tile>