Examples for Use Case: Display map coverages or other custom tile data

The examples below use a tile layer that shows a map of stream courses in the Mississippi delta area, produced by Harold N. Fisk for the Presidential Mississippi River Commission, 1944. The maps included in the report are in the public domain. The map used here is sheet 4 of plate 15 of the report. The TileJSON representation of the map, as a JavaScript object, is:

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Google Maps embed

Not applicable

OpenStreetMap embed

Not applicable

Bing Maps embed

Not applicable

MapBox Studio embed

Not applicable

Leaflet.js with OpenStreetMap tiles

OpenLayers with OpenStreetMap tiles

Google Maps API

Bing Maps Control API

MapKit JS (Apple Maps) API

Strictly speaking this is not a custom map, as it does not sem to be possible to disable the default map layer.

MapBox GL

TomTom Maps SDK for Web with vector maps

Not applicable

D3 Geographies APIs